Techno Development Program - General Timeline

Project management, investment, development, deployment and acquisition of technology and products are integrated in the General Timeline, expanded upon in comprehensive detail and offer significant options and opportunities for personnel, enterprise, investors, customers, pilots and crew, industry, community and individuals to be part of something awesome.

1. mission tasking, design elements, imagination,
2. pre-calc, geometry, reference points and materials
3. technology, materials, capabilities, processes
4. conventional and advanced, all aspects
5. unified and segmented design and performance elements
6. vehicle in vehicle, components, assembly, parts, systems
7. environment: strategic, operational and tactical
8. independent and inter-dependent techno, components, systems, design elements
9. technology and capabilities verification, lab, test cell, test rig, lab, actual
10. prototype technology, demonstration, evaluation and pro-active development
11. prototype in actual conditions, environment, application - applied prototype
12. applied technology prototype verification and demonstration
13. First applied technology prototype and super technology prototype
14. Comprehensive testing and direct deployment
15. Enterprise elements, entities, capital structure, securities, agreements

This expands and integrates - in summary:
Government Procurement Development Program and Logistics
Industry and Enterprise Acquisition and Deployment Logistics
Entity, Enterprise, Customer and User Logistics
Entity and Enterprise Co-development Logistics
Comeau Aerospace Inc. Advanced Projects Mission Tasking Logistics
Comeau Aerospace Inc. Personnel and Infrastructure Logistics


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