Capital Structure and Securities

Capital Structure and Securities may offer various options concerning ownership, control and voting, in addition to corresponding agreements, jurisdictions, entities or otherwise.

These details are documented within the Prospectus, Executive Summary, or Capital Structure & Securities Summary and is generally available to members of Capital Vault Incorporated and Strategic Enterprise Development Inc.

Also, related and associated entities, and with corresponding private equity and venture capital (PE & VC) firms and those in private wealth management.

The awesome options include:

Common Shares;

convertible bonds - with rights and options, technology, products & services;

convertible bonds - UFM & Advanced Projects, conversion to products, shares, options;

convertible bonds - conversion to entities, companies & securities;

convertible bonds - aero industrial & hangar buildings; *

convertible revenue bonds;

serial bonds for hangar and industrial space, options, rights, conversion;

zero coupon bonds with greater conversion premiums, options, rights, may include acquisition
debt/equity units for more options;

Also, zero tax non reporting jurisdiction and entities, for equality with everyone else...

Materials, non-financial transactions and hard currency enabled if you need or you like the options...

Also available: Non-investment, financial and non-financial, asset and securities backed options
Strategic Account - Tactical Account - Operational Account